Sunday, April 15, 2012

Elimination 2: The Slayer

The man who stood by the ring was invisible to all. He could see all the humans around him, all on seperate plains. It was funny the way they thought they could just take his ring. How dare they.

But he knew better. Pulling the scythe from its hold on his back, he turned. A girl with blonde hair came up near him--she looked as if she could see him. But no one could possible see The Slayer. He swiped and a gush of wind sent her flying back into a tree, instantly knocking her unconscious. Doing the rest for several others, he turned around and found one girl an inch from the ring.

He dived, his scythe slashing through her throat. A silent scream came from her mouth as her head fell in a bloody mess to the ground, her eyes staring at a point far in the distance--death.

Looking at her body, The Slayer saw a tag with her name: Legolas. Oh well.

Another girl stood near him. The last survivor. It was his time to defy the Creator. So he took the bright ring from where it hovered and tossed it to her. The girl with long dark hair.

Congrats Kal, you got the ring! It hods the power of... one safe elimination! Cheating death, as it were. You can use it once, whether it's for you or someone else. Your entry was great.

Sorry Lego, but you died. :C

Challenge coming next Saturday!