Saturday, July 14, 2012

Challenge 4: The Other Human

I grin maliciously as my hands move of their own accord. They know this spell inside and out. All Islands (different worlds on which the contestants are) span out before me in a line.

My fingers curls and the first two Islands merge together. On them are Kallista Pendragon and Flame Phoenix. They'll meet each other soon enough, what with not being more than a yard away.

The next two Islands become one, holding Skyril Oblivion and Lilith Nightshade. Oh, but that will be a fun battle to watch.

The last two Islands join with Red Waterfall and Taia DeMars. Those two are tough. A fight to death is foreseen.

I watch my Islands and grin even wider. It's time for the human race to become what they truly are--animals.

Okay guys, so in this challenge you'll go to and have a write-off. It's a battle, basically. You fight.
i.e. Flame: *punches in the nose*
Kal: *stumbles backwards, leg sweeping Flame's as she does*

Whoever kills/knocks out the other first wins and goes on to the next challenge. But, there are some rules. Because you obviously can't just say, *knocks out with log* because that'd be silly.

1) I'll say STOP if I need to write in/out anything. i.e. Red receives a sprained ankle and is slowed.
2) You can't post a long comment. i.e. *kicks in knee and you go down. Takes rock and hits you in the face, drawing blood. Keeps attacking until you die.* Only short ones with one move. i.e. *hits in the neck*
3) Be there for your match. If you're not, then you won't move on.

Flame/Kal: 8 P.M. BST (British Standard Time)
Sky/Lil: 8:30 P.M. BST
Red/Taia: 9 P.M. BST
If you're unsure how far ahead/behind of BST you are, just look up Time BST on Google. :)

Flame V    Kal
Skyril V    Lilith
Red    V    Taia
(Drawn from a hat!)


  1. Oh wow. Sounds awesome. I'll be watching ^_^

  2. OH. I can't fight Kal! And i'm the only dude left... -.-

    Ok, Gep. Will you email the times?

  3. That's RIGHT Young man! *glares crazily at Flame* I am your MOMMY!

    *farts a rainbow*

  4. What's to stop one person just writing *blows up their head* or something?

  5. Because I've already told them they can't . . .

  6. This sounds... Difficult.

    Am I going to have to type fast? Because typing fast, I'll end up with something like:
    *pokles ref isht rupar*
    Good luck guessing what that was supposed to say. :P

  7. *tilts head*
    Or, d'you have to wait for the foe to make a move before you can do so yourself? ^^

  8. And, one more... :P
    I'm guessing the rules of, no weapons and whatever aside from what'd actually be there.
    Like, *plucks a stick from the ground and proceeds to poke Red with it*