Friday, July 27, 2012

Elimination 4: Out To Shore

Red slashes at Taia, the pointed stick tearing open Taia's stomach. Digging her hand in to make the pain worse, Red smiles--she's malicious. She's also victorious.

Flame surrenders to Kallista, unable to fight any longer. He just wishes to go home.

Lilith dies of an unexpected disease. Skyril smiles.

Lilith, Flame, and Taia are gone.

Last three contestants: Red Waterfall, Kallista Pendragon, Skyril Oblivion.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Challenge 4: The Other Human

I grin maliciously as my hands move of their own accord. They know this spell inside and out. All Islands (different worlds on which the contestants are) span out before me in a line.

My fingers curls and the first two Islands merge together. On them are Kallista Pendragon and Flame Phoenix. They'll meet each other soon enough, what with not being more than a yard away.

The next two Islands become one, holding Skyril Oblivion and Lilith Nightshade. Oh, but that will be a fun battle to watch.

The last two Islands join with Red Waterfall and Taia DeMars. Those two are tough. A fight to death is foreseen.

I watch my Islands and grin even wider. It's time for the human race to become what they truly are--animals.

Okay guys, so in this challenge you'll go to and have a write-off. It's a battle, basically. You fight.
i.e. Flame: *punches in the nose*
Kal: *stumbles backwards, leg sweeping Flame's as she does*

Whoever kills/knocks out the other first wins and goes on to the next challenge. But, there are some rules. Because you obviously can't just say, *knocks out with log* because that'd be silly.

1) I'll say STOP if I need to write in/out anything. i.e. Red receives a sprained ankle and is slowed.
2) You can't post a long comment. i.e. *kicks in knee and you go down. Takes rock and hits you in the face, drawing blood. Keeps attacking until you die.* Only short ones with one move. i.e. *hits in the neck*
3) Be there for your match. If you're not, then you won't move on.

Flame/Kal: 8 P.M. BST (British Standard Time)
Sky/Lil: 8:30 P.M. BST
Red/Taia: 9 P.M. BST
If you're unsure how far ahead/behind of BST you are, just look up Time BST on Google. :)

Flame V    Kal
Skyril V    Lilith
Red    V    Taia
(Drawn from a hat!)

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Elimination 3: Pterodactyl's Prey

I gasp and stumble backwards a few steps. I thought humans were strong creatures, ones who had survival instincts.

But my pterodactyl has picked off nearly half of the remaining humans on the island. It swoops low and does the same for all: silent, as it flies by, it picks them up with no effort as if they are a worm and it is a crow.

The blood starts to seep as my pterodactyl sinks its strong, sharp talons into them. Their death is one of simplicity, yet they are the ones who have radiated the most fear of all deaths. Is it the shock of waking to find yourself in the grasp of an extinct animal? Or simply the pain they feel?

I sigh and sit, crossing off the names of the dead.

Simran Roy
Venice Rain
Levana Nockturne
Octaboona Ambrosisus

I hope the remaining six can do a better job at staying alive . . .

Monday, July 2, 2012

Challenge 3: A Bird in The Sky

Finally letting the sun fade and the moon rise, I watch as you all fall asleep. How foolish of you. Sleep is for the weak. I do not sleep. Ever. You humans are pitiful.

As a treat, I decide to let one of my pets go. A surprise for when you wake up. My pet is what some call a pterodactyl. It's ruthless and finds flesh the most delicious thing in the world. It is a force to be reckoned with and will in no circumstances play with you--unless you're dead.

RULES: Same as always.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Elimination 2: The Slayer

The man who stood by the ring was invisible to all. He could see all the humans around him, all on seperate plains. It was funny the way they thought they could just take his ring. How dare they.

But he knew better. Pulling the scythe from its hold on his back, he turned. A girl with blonde hair came up near him--she looked as if she could see him. But no one could possible see The Slayer. He swiped and a gush of wind sent her flying back into a tree, instantly knocking her unconscious. Doing the rest for several others, he turned around and found one girl an inch from the ring.

He dived, his scythe slashing through her throat. A silent scream came from her mouth as her head fell in a bloody mess to the ground, her eyes staring at a point far in the distance--death.

Looking at her body, The Slayer saw a tag with her name: Legolas. Oh well.

Another girl stood near him. The last survivor. It was his time to defy the Creator. So he took the bright ring from where it hovered and tossed it to her. The girl with long dark hair.

Congrats Kal, you got the ring! It hods the power of... one safe elimination! Cheating death, as it were. You can use it once, whether it's for you or someone else. Your entry was great.

Sorry Lego, but you died. :C

Challenge coming next Saturday!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Challenge 2: Run For Your Lives

You're running. Running a fter the light. The light that emanates power.
  You're a few yards away, but you can see what it is. A ring. A pale white ring of pure power.
  You run for it, but something jumps in your way.

What is this something? Why is it there? A protector of the ring maybe? What IS the ring? Will you reach it? What power does it have?

Rules are same as last week. Sorry about short post, I'm rather sick. :P

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Elimination 1: The Snake Pit

  I watched the mini island on my table. The humans had fought valiantly. I had placed a blob of clay onto the shore of the mini island and watched as it took a different shape for each human. It was funny how they were right next to each other, yet they couldn't see each other. Different timelines.
  I was proud of my humans, although one of them HAD failed. The poor beast was about to demolish them completely, but I picked her up with a hand and placed her in a snake pit instead.
  Dianna was her name. Dianna Violet. Poor girl, but she hadn't succeeded. Oh well.
  I watched as the snakes tore her apart, their fangs sinking into her flesh, ripping out muscles. Blood covered the walls, the cage lid on top of the pit dripping. All that was left of the girl was a single, bloody eyeball.
  I watched the other humans, thinking that maybe it was time I had a little fun.

  Well, sorry Dianna, but you died. You hadn't submitted an entry and hadn't contacted me. Elimination 1 is now complete. Comment on who you think SHOULD have gone. (This is required from all contestants still in the running.)