Red Waterfall

I feel my eyes flutter open, but all I see is darkness. I sit up, feeling my surroundings with my hands. The ground is moist, as well as the air. Is that.. are those leaves? I blink blindly a few times, and my eyes adjust. I am in a forest. I stand up, and realize I am barefoot. Both my trousers and my shirt are baggy and torn at the edges.
What is this place? How did I even end up in a forest? I picked my mind for any detail, and became increasingly frightened as I realized I remember nothing. Not even my own name. I felt my heart pounding in my ears as I cussed in frustration.
I jumped as a treetop above my head rustled. It was so silent. Normally, in forests, there are supposed to be insects, or birds, chirping away. But here? Nothing. Not a single sound.
But then what was it that rustled the treetop?
I let out a small scream as another treetop rustled, this time a little further away from me. My scream echoes. My breathing begins to accelerate, and despite all my instincts - I start walking towards that second rustle. I just have to find out something.
The rustling continues to move around in the trees, faster, and faster, so fast I have to run in order to keep up with it.
And then I stumble into a clearing. There are a few patches of grass and weeds here and there, but no trees. I slowly walk to the center of the round clearing, hearing nothing but my footsteps, my shallow breaths, and my heartbeat. Maybe this wasn't a good idea. Maybe I should have gotten as far away from the rustling as possible, and never looked back. I spot a branch on the edge of the clearing. It must have fallen down from one of the trees. I quickly walk over there and bend down to pick it up. I lift it, using both hands. It's large, but not too large. I hold it like a baseball player about to swing.
Boomf, I hear a voice from behind me. I spin around instantly, now brandishing the branch before me like a sword.
The sight before me sends a gasp down my throat and my eyes open wide. It was a creature. I look in terror as it edges forwards, like a vulture nearing it's prey. It's a pterodactyl. The most gruesome and disturbing thing I have seen in my life. It's bony wings folded aside his scaly body, and it's elongated bill covered with blood. It lifts it's head up, and lets out a long, bone-rattling screech that feels like it would explode my skull any second.
I snap out of my paralyzed trance and lift the branch above my head, yelling as I run towards the pterodactyl. I manage to hit him square on the head, but not hard enough. It seems to make the beast angry, and it spreads it's wings and takes off. I look up in agitated terror, lifting my branch again, as it circles once, twice, and then dives right at where I stood.
It's claws sear against my shoulder as I only just manage to escape. I start running again, back into the forest. I had dropped the branch when I dived to escape the pterodactyl.
I hear another screech, even more terrifying than the first, and grab hold of the fist loose thing I find. Another branch. Thicker, but shorter. It's heavier than the first one. I hear the pterodactyl's wings behind me, and I turn around, throwing the branch with all my force at where I hoped it would be.
As I swing the branch, I feel a searing pain in my shoulder, where the pterodactyl had injured me. But despite that, the branch still finds it's target. I just manage to see the pterodactyl's skull being crushed between the branch and the bark of a tree. It drops to the ground, crumpled over itself, blood and bone and brain oozing out of it's head. I stare at it for a while, but the throbbing in my shoulder forces me to look away.
I wince as I see how much blood soaks the left side of my shirt. I take my shirt off, and press a clean(er) part of it to the wound. I have to find water. I'd hate to be stuck on this damned place with an infected shoulder, not to mention with no food and water.
And so I walk ahead.