Saturday, October 15, 2011

Challenge 2: Run For Your Lives

You're running. Running a fter the light. The light that emanates power.
  You're a few yards away, but you can see what it is. A ring. A pale white ring of pure power.
  You run for it, but something jumps in your way.

What is this something? Why is it there? A protector of the ring maybe? What IS the ring? Will you reach it? What power does it have?

Rules are same as last week. Sorry about short post, I'm rather sick. :P

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Elimination 1: The Snake Pit

  I watched the mini island on my table. The humans had fought valiantly. I had placed a blob of clay onto the shore of the mini island and watched as it took a different shape for each human. It was funny how they were right next to each other, yet they couldn't see each other. Different timelines.
  I was proud of my humans, although one of them HAD failed. The poor beast was about to demolish them completely, but I picked her up with a hand and placed her in a snake pit instead.
  Dianna was her name. Dianna Violet. Poor girl, but she hadn't succeeded. Oh well.
  I watched as the snakes tore her apart, their fangs sinking into her flesh, ripping out muscles. Blood covered the walls, the cage lid on top of the pit dripping. All that was left of the girl was a single, bloody eyeball.
  I watched the other humans, thinking that maybe it was time I had a little fun.

  Well, sorry Dianna, but you died. You hadn't submitted an entry and hadn't contacted me. Elimination 1 is now complete. Comment on who you think SHOULD have gone. (This is required from all contestants still in the running.)

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Challenge 1: Washed Ashore

I, The Creator, am about to write your life. As it goes on, you'll see just how tough I can be. Soon, there will only be one left. They will live, and be the first resident on the island. Twists and turns lay down the road to success. Do you have what it takes?
  You wake up on the shore of an island, the water from the sea washing over you, going into your ears. Your eyes snap open and jump up. Where am I, you think. What is this place? 
   Your clothes are torn and tattered, you're barefoot. You look forward, and see a giant forest. The trees are thin, but block any sunlight from getting in.
  You trudge toward the forest, and before you step in, you hear something behind you. You turn and see--

Okay so type that in first or second person, whatever, then continue yourself. You can write as long as you want, but you can't explore the forest, just the first little shore bit. You can only deal with the monster, maybe a log is near you? ;) No powers. No introducing new characters (including other contestants). Just the monster and the shore.

DEADLINE:  Wednesday.
WHERE TO SUBMIT: Save your story as a draft and I'll add it to your page.

The Beginning Of A New And Terrifying Life

I walked the sandy shore, knowing what was coming. I was to be The Creator.
But one question still stung in my mind, a question that was about to be answered.
  Who would I be The Creator for?
A small sheet of parchment lay in front of me. On it, eleven names, one scratched out.
   Skyril Oblivion
  Venice Rain
  Dianna Violet
  Flame Phoneix   
  Kallista Salazer
  Iris Blackflower
  Lilith Nightshade
  Levana Nockturne
  Taia DeMars
  Bryony Rose

  So these are the people I must rule over. So it shall be.

It's A Writing Game?

Why yes it is. It's a game, where you advance by writing.
And since we're all great writers, this should be fun.

Okay so, each week, I'll assign something new that happens on The Island.
You write about what your character does to avoid, or get the obstacle or
item I've written about.
Every week, if I see a contradiction in someone's story to another, they will be killed off
or they will both be put on to a fighting stage, where we will go on chat and they will have a
Anyways, more info soon. If you want to be a part of it, comment below with your email (if you want to give it, if not then you might not get in. Depends), and the character you've chosen to write with. Your character can not have any powers unless they get an item in which I place on the island. Persay, if one week, I put a magical necromancer ring on the island, and someone got it by passing the obstacle, and I feel the deserve it, they get the item to use in the rest of the game.
The winner will get a prize. Good luck. 

Only ten contestants may join. No more, no less.
If someone pulls out, they can be replaced.
Prizes will be good.
Kallista rules over you >:)
If you need anymore info, ask me in a comment.