Levana was running. Running after a light. A white ring that eminated power. She ran for it, but something jumped in her way. It was a black mass of squirming shadows with no definite shape.
She stopped running adruptedly and skidded forward. She gasped seeing the black mass. Suddenly it expanded, and dived at her, enveloping her in suffocating shadows. From the outside it vaguely resembled a human figure, but covered in shadows that constantly moved. Levana could see nothing but eternal shadow and darkness. The darkness was suffocating her, getting inside her, in her ears, her nose. She tried to scream but as soon as she opened her mouth the shadows made there way in there too, crawling down her throat, choking her. She clawed at her face, trying to rip the shadows off her, but nothing helped. Then something clicked in her mind. She remembered when she was younger, she had seen Harry Potter and The Chamber Of Secrets. At some point in the movie Ron, Harry and Hermione had gotten trapped by a plant called Devils Snare, and the more they struggled the more the plant squeezed them. No other solution came to mind, so she sat down on the ground, and didn't even attempt to breath, tried her best to calm herself and stop flailing around. The black mass didn't let go of her. So Levana tried something else. She tried to send it a mind message. 
"You can have me. You can take me. But will you give me back?" Nothing happened.
Then slowly she realised this is what it feels like to be dying. So she lay down, and let the shadows crawl around her. She could feel her heart struggling to beat. Her lungs stung and when she opened her mouth, gasping for air that wasn't there, more shadows just filled her. She squeezed one little tear out her left eye, and thought of how she would miss living. 
Suddenly the shadows retracted from her body. Then she vomited the rest of the darkness inside her, coughing up blackness. She rubbed the blackness from her eyes, and white light flooded her vision, hurting her eyes but she didn't care. The darkness must have had some kind of allergic reaction to her tears. Or maybe the trick to defeating it was to give up hope, and show weakness. Or maybe it was allergic to emotion. She didn't know. She looked around. The ring was still there. Cautiously she stepped toward it, and reached out, her fingers trembling. Her hand went through the light, and two objects appeared before her. A katana and a quiver of arrows and a bow. 
"Are you serious??? Two weapons?? Thats all I get? I almost died! No fair!! I wanted a power!" Levana thundered. She threw her hands in the air, but picked up the weapons any way. She threw the bow and arrows over her back, and stuck the katana into her belt. 
She sighed and went back to were she had tied up Francis muttering to herself.
"Nocturnes luck. Nothing ever goes my way" She huffed.

Levana woke up the beach, utterly confused. Was this a dream? It didn't feel like one. Her blue hair was damp and had clumps of sea weed and sand in it. She felt slightly dizzy but apart from that she was fine. Levana was a logical girl, so she stood up and tried to calculate were she was and what could have happened. Just as she was thinking this she heard a low growl from behind her. She slowly turned around and saw a reptile creature on four legs with a long tail. Its skin was a mixture of tabby feathers and grey scales. It was around the size of a bear. It lunged towards her all of a sudden and all she could see was a large black mass coming towards her. It knocked her to the ground, winding her. As she fought for breathe it lunged again but she rolled to the side. Levana loved animals so she didn’t want to hurt this creature. She slowly got to her knees, and raised her bands in front of her face to Show she had no weapons. Levana began to make a soft cooing noise. She put out her hand and the creature cautiously sniffed it. It came a teeny bit closer, and lowered its head to Levana. She gently placed her hand on its head and gently began to rub its soft scaly head. It made a happy cooing/purring noise and nudged up against Levana. As was mentioned before Levana is a logical and practical person. To kill the beast would only be a waste of life. But she had learned to make use of everything you meet. And to kill it would also require energy and it might be making potential enemies in the forest safer. 
After a while of rubbing and patting the beast, it lowered it whole body, and Levana realized she was being offered the incredible opportunity to ride on it.
"I shall name you Francis" Levana said happily. Francis was a nice practical name that she thought suited him as she got onto Francis’s back and made herself comfortable. She gave the smallest of squeezes with her heel to Francis’s side, and he began to trot forward, as Levana Nocturne the blue haired girl contemplated what this place was, why she was here, and who was behind it all. Levana next priority was to find a shady hidden area where she could keep an eye on the beach to see if there were any more people. The obvious answer was the forest, but she didn’t like the look of it. Why were the trees so thin? Here on the Island was the perfect averment to grow large healthy trees, but that hadn't happened. There was something strange happening on this Island ABS obviously had been for centuries. It seemed the Island had been waiting for visitors, for playthings...waiting and biding its time and now it finally has residents...It's going to be interesting, alright...