Saturday, October 15, 2011

Challenge 2: Run For Your Lives

You're running. Running a fter the light. The light that emanates power.
  You're a few yards away, but you can see what it is. A ring. A pale white ring of pure power.
  You run for it, but something jumps in your way.

What is this something? Why is it there? A protector of the ring maybe? What IS the ring? Will you reach it? What power does it have?

Rules are same as last week. Sorry about short post, I'm rather sick. :P


  1. What aBout elimination 2? challenge 3?

  2. when is the next challenge coming?! i can barely manage to get onto the computer these days, as my mum doesn't want people on it, since it's not working very well!!! when we get it fixed, ill be back on here, but if i have to stress over when the next challenge is coming, then ill keep asking to come on here, and my folks are gonna get pissed!

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