Thursday, October 13, 2011

Elimination 1: The Snake Pit

  I watched the mini island on my table. The humans had fought valiantly. I had placed a blob of clay onto the shore of the mini island and watched as it took a different shape for each human. It was funny how they were right next to each other, yet they couldn't see each other. Different timelines.
  I was proud of my humans, although one of them HAD failed. The poor beast was about to demolish them completely, but I picked her up with a hand and placed her in a snake pit instead.
  Dianna was her name. Dianna Violet. Poor girl, but she hadn't succeeded. Oh well.
  I watched as the snakes tore her apart, their fangs sinking into her flesh, ripping out muscles. Blood covered the walls, the cage lid on top of the pit dripping. All that was left of the girl was a single, bloody eyeball.
  I watched the other humans, thinking that maybe it was time I had a little fun.

  Well, sorry Dianna, but you died. You hadn't submitted an entry and hadn't contacted me. Elimination 1 is now complete. Comment on who you think SHOULD have gone. (This is required from all contestants still in the running.)


  1. WOw Gep. That
    *backs away fearfully from GEp*
    You did rightGep! Dianna had to go!
    *salutes him hastiy while tripping over a log*

    *hopes back up and mutters* Did it have to be so bloody?

    *Gep glares at her and aks her what she said*

    *cheers nervously*

  2. BIt bloody all right I think dianne too cos I didn't really no her and all the other contestants arre friends...

    Sorry dianne

  3. Being mean to people isn't exactly my bright side now is it? (Well with you all it DEFINITELY isn't)but if people don't post quickly then... I guess they have to go.

  4. yeeeeeeeaaaaaaaahh... well, if she didnt post her thingabob then *shrugs* she had to go.

  5. um...I probably should have gone, as I didn't post my thingy either. Mostly because I suck, and partially because I was partially asleep all week.

    Anyways, thank you geppy for not killing me. I am most grateful.

  6. Hmm... Yeah, Dianna, I guess. I mean, she didn't post after all...

    But, did it really have to be so... bloody?
    I'm sure there are nicer ways to die...