Saturday, October 8, 2011

Challenge 1: Washed Ashore

I, The Creator, am about to write your life. As it goes on, you'll see just how tough I can be. Soon, there will only be one left. They will live, and be the first resident on the island. Twists and turns lay down the road to success. Do you have what it takes?
  You wake up on the shore of an island, the water from the sea washing over you, going into your ears. Your eyes snap open and jump up. Where am I, you think. What is this place? 
   Your clothes are torn and tattered, you're barefoot. You look forward, and see a giant forest. The trees are thin, but block any sunlight from getting in.
  You trudge toward the forest, and before you step in, you hear something behind you. You turn and see--

Okay so type that in first or second person, whatever, then continue yourself. You can write as long as you want, but you can't explore the forest, just the first little shore bit. You can only deal with the monster, maybe a log is near you? ;) No powers. No introducing new characters (including other contestants). Just the monster and the shore.

DEADLINE:  Wednesday.
WHERE TO SUBMIT: Save your story as a draft and I'll add it to your page.


  1. I turn and i see a palm tree filled with coconuts casting a long shadow in front of me. I'm gonna need some type of food source so i climb up the tree and begin collecting bananas.

  2. it didnt put the post on my name *shrugs* not my fault.

  3. Gepard! I couldn't find you, so...

    It's there... ^^

  4. I posted mine as a story when there was a comment section on the thingy... But yeah