Saturday, October 8, 2011

The Beginning Of A New And Terrifying Life

I walked the sandy shore, knowing what was coming. I was to be The Creator.
But one question still stung in my mind, a question that was about to be answered.
  Who would I be The Creator for?
A small sheet of parchment lay in front of me. On it, eleven names, one scratched out.
   Skyril Oblivion
  Venice Rain
  Dianna Violet
  Flame Phoneix   
  Kallista Salazer
  Iris Blackflower
  Lilith Nightshade
  Levana Nockturne
  Taia DeMars
  Bryony Rose

  So these are the people I must rule over. So it shall be.


  1. OH YESSSSSS!!!!!!!

    IM IN IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    *grins madly*

  2. *shrugs* i guess i dont blame you ;) Lilith is a pretty fun OC to play around with! XD partly 'cause i dont give a s*** what happens to her! XD

  3. Yesshhh!! I'm in!!

    Now... Was I going to be me or my OC...?

  4. *grins*

    will i get killed off?!


    THAT'll be fun! ^^

  5. Ack. Gepard. I kinda wrote the wrong email back there, coz I'm dumb like that... is what I meant to say... Sorry...

  6. Its Nocturne, not Nockturne. I'm going to be really honest and say I am scared shitless. I have always lacked in physical performance in real life, so hopefully my writing skills wont fail me