Saturday, October 8, 2011

It's A Writing Game?

Why yes it is. It's a game, where you advance by writing.
And since we're all great writers, this should be fun.

Okay so, each week, I'll assign something new that happens on The Island.
You write about what your character does to avoid, or get the obstacle or
item I've written about.
Every week, if I see a contradiction in someone's story to another, they will be killed off
or they will both be put on to a fighting stage, where we will go on chat and they will have a
Anyways, more info soon. If you want to be a part of it, comment below with your email (if you want to give it, if not then you might not get in. Depends), and the character you've chosen to write with. Your character can not have any powers unless they get an item in which I place on the island. Persay, if one week, I put a magical necromancer ring on the island, and someone got it by passing the obstacle, and I feel the deserve it, they get the item to use in the rest of the game.
The winner will get a prize. Good luck. 

Only ten contestants may join. No more, no less.
If someone pulls out, they can be replaced.
Prizes will be good.
Kallista rules over you >:)
If you need anymore info, ask me in a comment. 


  1. OOo, sounds fun! Is the game... a battle to the death or something along those lines?
    I definitely do want to be in it! :D

  2. Aha! I finally know what it is about! *does a victory dance* Now. *shifty eyes to check no stalkers are reading the email*

    And you shall never know what the E stands for! Mwuhahahahahaha!


    and me, not my OC.

  4. Oh and person......

    *ah sure stick Flame Phoneix my first oc*

  5. person......shall be Dianna Violet
    a name i just made up :P


    Either with me or Sayer my new oc. I'll let you decide Gepawrd!

  7. ooh, is there room?

    and me, not any oc, if that's okay.

  8. I'm writing with my oc if that's fine ^^

  9. Wait on second thought I might go as me, seeing as I AM a resourceful person when it comes to survival skills and knowledge on killing people... ^^ We'll just see then :-D

  10. Sounds like fun Gep! Ok, heres my email!

  11. I WANNA!!!! *narrows eyes* but if you can only have 10 then ill be stuffed...

    ah well... ^^

  12. A writing game, hmm?

    ...Because Ninja Snails are epic... ^^

  13. If I counted right you already have more than ten... ^^

  14. Damn. Sorry. Wrong email... :/
    What I meant to say, was...

    Sorry... ^^